About Christophe Claret

Expert Bioenergetician and ACMOS® Certified Trainer

Founder of ACMOS® by OPS eLearning

René Naccachian, creator of the ACMOS® Method and Christophe Claret, founder of OPS:


Christophe had the wonderful opportunity to complete his training as an ACMOS® bioenergetician and to work closely with René Naccachian, creator of the ACMOS® Method, for several years. René passed on his teaching, his philosophy and his personal expert techniques during their many exchanges and work sessions. Their bond went beyond the professional sphere to become a deep and genuine friendship.
On the strength of the expertise he had passed on and acquired through assiduous practice, and to René's great joy and confidence, Christophe founded the ACMOS® eLearning training platform, with the aim of making this fabulous pioneering method available to as many people as possible, both in France and internationally. 
Since René's death, Christophe has continued to devote himself to passing on everything he passed on to him, through a variety of formats dedicated to the ACMOS® Method: classroom, eLearning and remote.

An intimate look at Christophe's unusual journey


A particularly painful childhood and adolescence... 

Born in Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, Christophe grew up in a Creole family severely bereaved by successive violent deaths, including that of his father, who died by suicide when he was 7. Throughout his adolescence, he faced other difficulties, including his mother's deep depression. He grew up in a contrasting environment of coconut palms, beaches, boating... and at the same time in a particularly gloomy family atmosphere. He was cut in two, searching for meaning in a contradictory, incoherent and unstructured environment. These events prompted him early on to ask questions about the meaning of life and death. 


From life in Guadeloupe to life in Paris... 

At the age of 18, Christophe passed his French Baccalaureate in Science with honors, and set himself the challenge of entering a top business school in Paris by taking the highly renowed HEC School of Management Preparatory Class. He then entered INSEEC in Paris at the age of 20. Just as he was adjusting to life in Paris, he was confronted once again with successive and sudden deaths, including that of his mother at the age of 21 and then of his grandmother at 22, with whom he had grown up and who had supported him during his mother's depression. He was orphaned at the time, and continued to move forward on my path as he pursued his studies.

To help him feel better, his intuition led him to experiment with natural and alternative approaches: this is how he discovered the ACMOS® Method in 2012. Interested by the beneficial effects, he decided to benefit from regular ACMOS® sessions to support him.

The start of his professional life in Paris...

At the age of 25, he successfully graduated from business school with a Master 2 in Audit and Management Control and joined one of the world's largest consulting firms, EY (Ernst & Young) in La Défense, Paris, as his first job. He was recruited as a management consultant in a recognized department dedicated to the top business schools such as HEC, ESSEC and EM Lyon. He then worked with CAC 40 companies such as AXA, L'Oréal, Institut Pasteur, La Caisse des Dépôts, etc. Building on his experience, he accepted a position as Deputy Director in a Paris-based company, where he supervised some sixty employees, enabling him to develop his management expertise in the field. In parallel with the ACMOS® Method, and to help him manage both professional and personal stress (relationship break-ups), he underwent psychotherapy, which helped him move forward for 3 years. 


The creation of OPS FORMATION and international expansion...

In 2016, Christophe had the good fortune to meet René Naccachian, creator of the ACMOS® Method. Inspired by this encounter, he decided to follow his entrepreneurial instincts, leaving his position as Deputy Director to set up his own company: OPS FORMATION. After several years' supervision by René NACCACHIAN himself, he became a certified trainer of the ACMOS® Method. These moments of exchange were particularly rich in learning, and today he owes his expertise to them.


In 2018, in partnership with René Naccachian, Christophe created the eLearning training platform ACMOS® by OPS. René showed his confidence in him to expand the ACMOS® Method. In addition to managing the growing eLearning business, he has now been traveling internationally for several years to develop ACMOS® by leading in-class training courses: New Caledonia, Guadeloupe, the United States... He also leads practical Workshops and conferences about the ACMOS® Method in France and abroad.


Towards new encounters that will transform his life 

In 2019, during one of his appearances at the " Wellness & Alternative Medicine " trade show in Paris, Christophe met Laurie, who was to become his wife. Through Laurie's work, he discovered a transpersonal and Jungian approach to personal development, which was highly complementary to the ACMOS® Method. It wasn't long before he had the opportunity to meet the co-founders of this other atypical and pioneering approach: Pascale & Marc Polizzi. It turns out that, while René was still alive, Marc himself had had a very close relationship with René: trained in bioenergetics by René himself years before, these 2 great wise men had developed a wonderful complicity through their highly complementary approaches.


Christophe then embarked on a long process of inner work through regular sessions with Pascale Polizzi, herself, and by taking part in the training courses and workshops provided by Pascale and Marc Polizzi. He finally found the answers to his fundamental questions of meaning, and gradually rebuilt and reconnected with all his facets as a man and as a therapist. Today, he is an expert bioenergetician with multiple resources and skills, a true pioneer in the field of quantum bioenergy and a transpersonal therapist.


Today, Laurie and Christophe share their expertise to support and train through personalized individual sessions, coaching and training in a variety of formats: in-class, eLearning, remotely (Zoom), in France (Aix-En-Provence, Lille, ...) and internationally (USA, Canada, Australia, ...).