with Christophe CLARET

Well-being and natural health show

March 1, 2 and 3, 2019
in Arcachon (La Teste de Buch) FRANCE

Christophe CLARET's conference :
Discover ACMOS Bioenergetics

2018 ZEN SHOW in Paris


Practical workshop led by Christophe CLARET: Discovery and learning of the Lecher Antenna


Conference of Marie-Joseph CHEVRIER: Preserving your energy balance by the ACMOS Method


2017 ZEN SHOW in Paris

LIVE workshop in Paris: Discovery and learning of the Lecher Antenna

During the ZEN SHOW in Paris, Christophe CLARET presented and animated two PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS on the theme: "Develop your feeling, thanks to the Lecher Antenna". Many participants were able to feel their first steps with this scientific tool. They also benefited from the tips and advice of Christophe to improve their feelings through the Lecher Antenna and begin to assess the energy quality of objects and everyday foods. The Lecher Antenna is very useful evaluating and measuring the  energy quality of our environment.

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