The ACMOS Method has been researched and refined over the past 40 years by Rene Naccachian PhD, an instrumentation engineer with PhD qualifications in Energy Medicine and in Microbiology, and his team. The headquarters of the Acmos organisation is the SBJ-International Research and Development Centre in Paris, France.




Christophe worked in collaboration with René Naccachian, the creator of the ACMOS™ Method himself, for several years. René Naccahian thus passed on to him his teaching, his philosophy and his personal techniques.

A few words about my life path


A particularly painful childhood and teenage years... 

Born in Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean, Highly Sensitive, I grew up in a Creole family that was very saddened by successive and violent deaths, including that of my father who died by suicide when I was 7 years old. Throughout my teenage years, I faced other challenges including the deep depression of my mother. I evolved in a contrasting environment made of coconut trees, beaches, boats, ... and at the same time in a particularly dark family atmosphere. I was then cut in two, I was looking for meaning in a contradictory, incoherent and destructuring environment. 
These events pushed me very early on to ask myself questions about the meaning of life and death.


From the Guadeloupean life to the Parisian life... 
At the age of 18, I obtained my Scientific Baccalaureate with honors and I challenged myself to enter a business school in Paris by attending a HEC preparatory class. I entered INSEEC in Paris at the age of 20. While I was just adapting to life in Paris, I was once again faced with successive and sudden deaths, including that of my mother at the age of 21 and my grandmother at the age of 22, with whom I grew up and who raised and supported me during my mother's depression. 
I was then an orphan and continued on my path by pursuing my studies. 
To help me feel better, my intuition led me to experiment with natural and alternative approaches: I discovered the ACMOS Method in 2012. Interested by the beneficial effects, I decide to receive regular ACMOS sessions to suupport me. 


The beginning of my professional life in Paris …
When I was 25, I successfully completed my business school with a Master 2 in Audit and Management Control and I joined one of the largest consulting firms: EY (Ernst & Young) in La Défense, Paris. I was recruited as a management consultant in a department recognized and dedicated to the largest business schools such as HEC, ESSEC, EM Lyon. I worked with large CAC 40 companies such as AXA, L'Oréal, Institut Pasteur, La Caisse des Dépôts, etc. Thanks to this experience, I accepted a position as a Director in a Parisian company where I supervised some sixty employees, allowing me to develop my management expertise on field. 
In parallel to the ACMOS Method and to help me manage both professional and personal stresses (relationship breakups), I underwent psychotherapy which helped me to move forward for 3 years.  


The creation of OPS FORMATION and the international expansion ...
In 2016, I had the chance to meet René Naccachian, the creator of the ACMOS Method. 
Inspired by this meeting, I decided to follow my entrepreneurial instinct, leaving my position as Director to create my own company: OPS FORMATION. 
After being supervised for several years by René NACCACHIAN himself, I became a certified trainer of the ACMOS™ Method. These moments of exchange were particularly rich in teaching and I owe my expertise to them today.
In 2018, I created, in partnership with René Naccachian himself, the Elearning training platform ACMOS by OPS. He then shows me all his confidence to expand his Method. 
Since then, in addition to the management of the growing Elearning platform, I travel internationally to develop Acmos by organizing and leading in-person live training sessions: New Caledonia, Guadeloupe, Morocco, Nigeria, United States ... I also conduct practical workshops and conferences around the ACMOS Method in France and internationally.


Towards new encounters that will transform my life 

In 2019, during one of my participations in the "Bien-être & Médecines Douces" exhibition in Paris, I met Laurie, who would later on become my wife. Through her activity, I discovered  a complementary Transpersonal and Jungian approach to personal development. Very quickly, I have gotten the chance to meet the co-founders of this atypical approach. I launched myself in a long process of self-work through regular sessions with Pascale Polizzi, herself.

I finally succeeded in making sense of and finding answers to my questions about life and death, I (re)built and reconnected myself as I went along to all my facets as a "Highly Sensitive Person" and "shaman". 


Today, Laurie and I are based in Aix-En-Provence, France. We offer our expertise to support and train, among others, Highly Sensitive Persons through ACMOS™ individual sessions, coaching and group training sessions through various formats: in-person, at distance, and through e-learning, in France (Aix-En-Provence, Paris) and internationally (USA, Canada, Australia,...).



Carol grew up in Scotland before qualifying as a Chartered physiotherapist in 1985. In the 1980s and 90s she has worked in hospitals in the UK and Australia. Personal illness changed her direction and led to her discovery of the ACMOS Method however she continues to see physiotherapy clients from her base in Inverness. Carol’s hospital roles included in-service training and support for physiotherapists, students and other medical professionals. In 1992 she formed the Highland musculo-skeletal clinical interest group and led professional development events for peers throughout this region. Since 2006 Carol has been actively involved in The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine(ACPEM), a UK wide network of health professionals. She has held various committee positions and is currently chair of the group. In 2013, Carol presented an introduction to the ACMOS Method to the ACPEM annual conference and more recently she was invited to present, with Widad Nash, at the Quantum Energy Conclave 2 in Bangalore, India.


Carol Robertson become part of the Acmos team after qualifying in the ACMOS Method in 2006. She has been teaching the Method internationally since 2011 when she became a Professor of ACMOS. She has worked very closely with Dr Rene Naccachian and Widad Nash over the past 12 years and continues to update and share Dr Naccachian’s teaching with students from a wide variety of nationalities and backgrounds. In November 2014 she became a Senior Professor in the ACMOS Method International Teaching Team. Carol has led ACMOS training courses in Paris, France with Dr Naccachian and from her home in Scotland, UK. As part of her work she has thoroughly rewritten and updated the English version of the ACMOS course notes and continues to add to this volume of work. In 2017 Carol received a personal testimonial from Dr Naccachian in recognition of her contribution to the teaching of the ACMOS Method  internationally. Carol continues as an active practitioner with 13 years of clinical experience to back up her teaching role. She provides ongoing support to former students.



Widad was born in England and since the age of six, has lived and studied in various countries, in Switzerland she studied commerce and languages. Since her teens she was very interested in eastern philosophy, yoga, metaphysics and natural healing. It was Widad’s good fortune to be the niece of Dr René Naccachian, creator of the Acmos Method this allowed her to be able to practice her passion for energy therapies professionally. She received her Acmos Bioenergy Diploma in 1994 and is still practicing, teaching, learning and is active in the ongoing development of the Acmos Method. She has being working closely with Dr Naccachian since 1994 and has continuously attended Acmos perfectionning classes since then. She has translated many of the Acmos courses from French to English.

She established the Acmos Center in Istanbul Turkey in 1995. She has practiced and taught the Acmos Method in Turkey, since 2000 and is still currently, practicing and giving courses. While living in Monaco, she integrated Acmos into the Monaco Spa 2007. This is a Method of combining energy therapy with Spa therapy. Beauty from the inside to reflect on the outside. She is a Senior Professor in the ACMOS Method. She is also part of the International Teaching Team with Carol Robertson. They regularly teach the Acmos English courses in Paris and were recently invited to present, Acmos, at the Quantum Energy Conclave 2 in Bangalore, India in 2018. Widad continues to teach and practice the Acmos Method and research all different techniques, and methods of energy balance. Her ambition is to introduce and teach the Acmos Techniques to all seeking harmony of body, mind and spirit

She would like to build up global awareness regarding Global Energy Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit. To share knowledge of the importance of being energetically healthy and living in a healthy environment. This will not only help promote self-regulation of health and wellbeing, but she believes it will also have a positive impact on the survival of our planet