When is eLearning available?
ACMOS® by OPS eLearning is available as soon as you register. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a login and password, enabling you to log on to the training platform. You can therefore start your eLearning training NOW and progress at your own pace.
Do I need instruments to take the ACMOS® eLearning course?
We recommend that you purchase ACMOS® instruments, available on the instruments page of the website menu. At BIO1 level, at least 1 ACMOS® Lecher Antenna is required. From BIO2 upwards, we recommend adding the following instruments: 1 Biofeedback, 1 Quantacmos, 1 Suitcase (KAP or VATHA). We recommend the instrument packs specially designed for ACMOS® training. For your information, if you choose the "KAP" option pack with the small valise, please note that you can order an additional pack to easily upgrade from the small KAP valise to the large VATHA valise. 
To benefit from a discount code on the instruments, please contact the OPS team at [email protected] 


How does ACMOS® eLearning work?
ACMOS® by OPS BIOENERGICS training is divided into 5 levels: BIO1 to BIO5. At each level, you'll learn exciting new concepts about the energetic aspect of the human body and traditional Chinese medicine, in order to become an ACMOS® practitioner. The course includes several hours of HD videos, review quizzes, practical exercises for you to do at home, access to the ACMOS® by OPS Bioenergeticians community, and a commentary area where you can ask any questions you may have. Your knowledge and practice of the Method will be assessed at the final exam, which takes place at BIO5, with 2 half-day remote certification via Zoom. On successful completion of this exam, you will receive your ACMOS® International Academy of Bioenergetics certificate. 
Does ACMOS® eLearning training and certification have the same value as the classroom format?
Yes, they do. You'll find exactly the same content and course materials as those provided during the classroom-based ACMOS® training.


On the practical side, how do you go about learning the ACMOS® Method in eLearning?
When it comes to putting the ACMOS® Method into practice, you'll have everything you need to make progress and pass the final exam:

  • Practical online training materials and videos to guide you 
  • Practice exercises to do at home 
  • People around you (parents, friends, spouse, family, etc.) can help you to practice.
  • 1 personalized one-to-one coaching session per BIO is included to support you in your practice. And you can always order additional coaching session whenever you need it.
  • Complementary remote practical workshops are also proposed on a regular basis.


For further information, please contact:


Christophe Claret

📞 +(33)622357616

📧 [email protected]