OPS offers ACMOS® Bioenergetic training courses

in 3 possible formats: in-class, remote & eLearning

The question that comes up regularly is: between the eLearning format and the in-class format, which format is best for assimilating the ACMOS® Method and passing the certification in the most efficient and stress-free way possible?  


Here's our answer: the truth is, there's no right or wrong format, or no best format. Each format has its advantages; it's simply a matter of taking a realistic and concrete view of your constraints and choosing the format best suited to your learning style and capacity, on the one hand, and your various organizational and logistical constraints, on the other.

The classroom training offers the advantage of group work supervised by a certified trainer, with practice sessions taking place in pairs. The attending trainer can answer your questions and guide you through the learning process. You benefit from the synergy of the group, and the questions asked by each other benefit all the attending students. 

The cons are : 
The training dates are determined and follow a precise calendar, with the student's presence required at each level. 
In addition, travel, accommodation and catering costs are at your own expense, adding to the cost of the course. 

In addition, the classroom training takes place over 2 consecutive weeks, including the certification, and is therefore rather dense in terms of content to integrate and practice over this period of time. This format is therefore preferable for those who prefer "intensive" learning. 

Nevertheless, as with the eLearning format, it will remain essential to practice autonomously between each level, after class days.

It requires personal organization, and the ability to be available for 15 full days.

Finally, in addition to the course materials provided, note-taking is all the more essential as this format does not offer access to the videos on the eLearning platform. Of course, as many students already do, you can order eLearning as a complement to your classroom training.


The eLearning format allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, according to your own schedule. 

To ensure quality learning and the success of your certification, personalized coaching is an integral part of the videos offered on the eLearning platform. That's why each level includes a coaching session with Christophe himself. And for these coaching sessions too, you can choose the time slots that suit you best (appointments are coordinated with Laurie, who makes it a priority to meet your scheduling constraints). 

Another plus of eLeaning: Access to the platform's videos. 

Finally, this format saves you travel, accommodation and catering costs. 

The main con is your capacity for self-discipline and personal organization. But here again, Christophe and his team can help you overcome the related stresses. 

As with the classroom format, practice is essential, and you need to be able to practice on your own.


In conclusion, whatever the format, your success is of course fundamentally linked to the understanding and theoretical integration of the ACMOS® Method; the choice of "intensive" classroom training or self-paced eLearning is therefore important.

But this success is also - and our team can't stress this enough - fundamentally linked to the practical integration of the Method. Whether you opt for the classroom or eLearning format, we encourage you to practice, practice and practice again, autonomously, between each level, in order to validate the learning of the different levels of the ACMOS® Method. So don't hesitate to ask your family, friends and colleagues, who are usually happy to play along and support you in your apprenticeship. It's also an opportunity for them to benefit from free energy balances.

And of course, whether you're a face-to-face student or an eLearning student, individual coaching with Christophe, in person or remotely (via Zoom), will enable you to resolve any stresses that may arise and answer all your questions.


For further information, once certified as an ACMOS® Bioenergetician, you may, if you wish, obtain additional certification as an " Advanced ACMOS® Bioenergetician", also referred to by SBJ International as "ACMOS® Professional Certification". 

This double certification is obtained through tutoring (for more information, please consult the dedicated page "ACMOS® Certification & Tutoring by OPS").


Last but not least, every year, OPS proposes a support program to help certified students launch their bionergetician activity, regardless of whether they choose the classroom or eLearning format. This support takes the form of a cycle of 3 co-development zoom workshops (for more information, please visit the dedicated page "ACMOS® by OPS Certification & Tutoring").

ACMOS® Bioenergetic Program


Energy dimension knowledge and measurement of Human Being in its environment


Learn to measure and restore Energy fields using the ACMOS® Lecher Antenna. Assess and tune the fields of your clients, your family, your pets, your home.



MODULE 1: Introduction to BIO1
MODULE 2: ACMOS® Instruments
MODULE 3: Essential Measurements with Lecher Antenna
MODULE 4: Recording the Measurements
MODULE 5: Practical Application of Measurements
MODULE 6: Measuring and Recording the displacement of fields
MODULE 7: Measuring the quality of Products 
MODULE 8: Introduction to the ACMOS® PROTOCOL
MODULE 9: First ACMOS® Balance (Case Study 1)


Energetic Stimulation - Harmonizing Man within his Environment


Stimulation Protocol. Stimulate acupuncture points using vibration, light and electro-acupuncture to maintain the vibrancy of all the cells of the body and optimize cellular regeneration.



MODULE 1: Introduction to BIO2
MODULE 2: The Acmograph Chart (Part1)
MODULE 3: Energy circulation & distribution
MODULE 4: Meridians & Chronobiology
MODULE 5: Ting Points & Marvelous Vessels
MODULE 7: The ACMOS® Tables of Points
MODULE 8: Review of Meridians
MODULE 9: The Acmograph Chart (Part2)
MODULE 11: ACMOS® Balance - Case Study 2


Harmonization of the Bio-fields & The law of the 5 Elements



Questioning the Energy Body to release its blockages, leaks, losses. Learn about the full range of ACMOS® energetic solutions to calibrate 'energetic incoherences' and tune acupuncture points by quantum resonance.



MODULE 1: Introduction to BIO3
MODULE 2: Energy Communication Pathways
MODULE 3: The ACMOS® Harmonies
MODULE 4: The Inner Polarity
MODULE 5: Polarity of the Body’s Systems
MODULE 6: The Acmodynamisation Process
MODULE 7: Acmogram presentation
MODULE 8: The Five Elements
MODULE 9: The Mother & Son Points
Module 10: ACMOS® Balance – Case Study 3
Module 11: The Acmogram Program


Improving the Energetic Quality of the Body through global balancing


ACMOS® Distance Balance by Quantum Resonance. Learn to use the Acmograph distance treatment chart. Assess and tune the resource energy (yin), the day to day management energy (yang), the effect of the environment.  



MODULE 1: Introduction to BIO4
MODULE 2: The 5 Dominant Harmonisations
MODULE 3: The Acmograph Chart (Part3) 
MODULE 4: The Acmodynamisation Protocol
MODULE 5: Finishing the Main Protocol
MODULE 6: Practical Application
MODULE 7: The Non-Dominant Harmonisations
MODULE 8: Introduction to Energy Balance at Distance
MODULE 9: ACMOS® Distance Balance – Case Study


ACMOS® Certification Review, practical and theoretical examens


Get the ACMOS® Bioenergetician certification after passing the practical and theoretical exams and taking into account continuous assessment.


Please visit the ACMOS® by OPS certification page for details.

Format: classroom on request

ACMOS® by OPS Bioenergetics training on request:


Christophe can travel to your region to provide classroom-based ACMOS® by OPS Bioenergetics training. 


Here is the basic framework for confirming the training:

Having a minimum of 10 participants who commit in advance to the full 10-day course, spread over 2 consecutive weeks.

Finding a suitable venue for the training: a training room that can accommodate between 10 and 20 people, equipped with tables, chairs, TV or video-projector. 


Training takes place over 5 levels: BIO1, BIO2, BIO3, BIO4, BIO5 in a 10-day format, spread over 2 consecutive weeks. Hours: Monday to Friday.


Date: To be defined

Hours: from 09:00am to 12:30pm / from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Location: To be defined


Prices BIO1 to BIO4 : 410 USD per level

BIO5 price: 330 USD including 60 USD SBJ INTERNATIONAL certification administration fee

Therefore a total of for the complete 10-day training


This price includes :

  • 10 days of group training with training materials
  • Practice sessions in pairs

This price does not include :

  • Transportation costs
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Food and beverages
  • Access to eLearning videos
  • ACMOS® instruments*
  • Individual coaching session per level (50mn)


This base price of the training course, excluding instruments, will be adjusted according to travel expenses and the cost of the training room. 


Additional personalized individual coaching is also of course available, which you can order as you go along, at your convenience (110 USD per coaching). These coaching sessions are an opportunity to unblock the various stresses related to the use of the Lecher Antenna in particular.


Lastly, of course, you can combine classroom training with eLearning to gain access to the videos.


We have already had the great honour of leading training courses in : New Caledonia, Guadeloupe, ...

GLOBAL BUDGET (excluding Pack offer; excluding adjustment for trainer's travel expenses and cost of training room) to become an ACMOS® Bioenergetician: 


Full training (BIO1 to BIO5) = 1970 USD + your travel expenses + your accommodation expenses + your food expenses (3000 USD on average, depending on your geographical area) = 4970 USD


Instrument pack with KAP* valise option = 1950 USD (student rate**) 

or Instrument pack with VATHA* valise option = 3950 USD (student price**)


Total budget (KAP case option) = 4970 USD + 1950 USD = 6920 USD

Total budget (VATHA suitcase option) = 4970 USD + 3950 USD = 8920 USD


*Instruments are to be ordered on the ACMOS-SBJ partner site.

**A discount code will be sent to you upon registration.

Format: eLearning

ACMOS® by OPS eLearning training courses: 


eLearning platform on 5 levels: BIO1, BIO2, BIO3, BIO4, and BIO5 which is the certification.


The 5 levels are completed at your own pace and convenience via the eLearning platform. Each level is supported by a personalized one-to-one coaching session. 


The platform offers over 40 hours of theoretical lessons, combined with a wide range of practical exercises.


If you opt for the full package, each level is unlocked by our team according to your learning progress and following your individual coaching with Christophe. 


You can ask questions at any time from the platform, and our training team will be happy to answer you as quickly as possible. 


Personalized individual coaching ensures that your learning is adapted to your needs, and that you can validate what you've learnt to pass your certification with peace of mind. 


The coaching is conducted with Christophe himself, Expert Bioenergetician and certified trainer of the ACMOS® Method, founder of the ACMOS® by OPS eLearning platform and head of international development of the ACMOS® Method. 


Additional coaching is also available, which you can order as you go along, at your convenience (110 USD per coaching). These coaching sessions are an opportunity to unblock the various stresses related to the use of the Lecher Antenna in particular.


Price BIO1 to BIO 4 : 520 USD per level

Price BIO5 : 440 USD including 2 half-day certification sessions and 60 USD SBJ INTERNATIONAL certification administration fee


This price per level includes :

- Access to the ACMOS® by OPS training platform, with all course materials in PDF format

- 1 personalized 50-minute coaching session by BIO

This price does not include: ACMOS® instruments*


Complete package available for Bioenergetics training with 1 coaching offered out of 5 (worth 110 USD) + 1 post-certification coaching offered (worth 110 USD).

OVERALL BUDGET (excluding Pack offer) to become an ACMOS® Bioenergetician: 


Complete training (BIO1 to BIO5) to learn ACMOS® Bioenergetics, step by step, with 5 individual 50-minute coaching sessions = 2520 USD


Instrument pack with KAP valise option = 1950 USD (student price**) 

or Instrument pack with VATHA valise option = 3950 USD (student price**) 


Total budget (KAP valise option) = 2520 USD + 1950 USD = 4470 USD

Total budget (VATHA valise option) = 2520 USD + 3950 USD = 6470 USD


*Instruments are to be ordered on the ACMOS-SBJ partner site.

**A discount code will be sent to you upon registration

Format: Remote (Zoom)

ACMOS® by OPS remote training courses: 


We offer an " Introduction to the Lecher Antenna " course, as well as sessions to perfect the use of the ACMOS® Method Lecher Antenna.


These sessions take place by Zoom over half a day (4 hours)


Date: To be defined


Hours : From 05:00PM to 09:00PM PARIS TIME (11:00AM - 03:00PM EST // 08:00AM - 12:00PM PST)


Price: 500 USD


Registration deadline is D-3 weeks.

On D-7, you will receive an email confirming the Zoom connection link, as well as appendices and course materials to print out.

For further information, please contact:


Christophe Claret

📞 +(33)622357616

📧 [email protected]