Dr. René NACCACHIAN began his professional career as CEO engineer of the European machinery instrumentation company JAEGER. Following a sports accident, he developed serious knee problems which could not be resolved by standard medicine.

During his many trips to China, he consulted a master of Chinese medicine who considerably improved the condition of his knee, enabling him not only to walk normally but also to regain his level in tennis, his favorite hobby. After that, he became enthusiastic about anything that could explain, in any way, the energetic aspect of humankind. He took courses in the East and West, specialized in energy medicine (MD-EM) and obtained his Doctorate in Science (D Sc./Ph.D) and molecular biology. He began by verifying the efficacy of all acupuncture points, as well as all associations of points reputed to treat disorders. This enabled Dr. Naccachian to confirm that energy points are real control levers that the body, led by the brain, operates all day long to manage its various daily occupations, to deal with external and internal disorders, local and cosmotelluric tensions. 

As soon as the flow of energy in the body begins to be overwhelmed, the symmetry of the level is broken and the energy field shifts in relation to the axis of the body. This led Dr. Naccachian to develop the ACMOS® Method or " Analysis of Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy" and its many applications.

The ACMOS® method has a distinctive approach that differs considerably from orthodox Chinese acupuncture. Its reasoning is not based on a philosophical foundation, but on very exact measurements of energy circulation, giving a rapid means of identifying blockages and indicating how they should be resolved, with lasting results. His research has established a range of remedies called "harmonies" for achieving overall energy balance, using color filters, essential oils, minerals, plants, homeopathy and quantum complexes.

In 2010, René Naccachian was awarded the gold medal of the " Society for the Encouragement of Progress " for his work on the ACMOS® bioenergetic method and its worldwide development.

On page 15, it states (cf PALMARES S.E.P 2010):
"Your specialization in scientific measurement and a knee accident effectively treated by acupuncture prompted you to throw yourself heart and soul into biology and oriental medicine. Doctorate in molecular biology, Doctorate in energetic sciences and medicine. In 1985, your technical and scientific bio-energy research company, SBJ international, helped develop the ACMOS® method. Innovative bioenergy techniques are taught in ACMOS® centers and specialists. Hundreds of Internet sites (just Google "Naccachian acmos") deal with the diverse applications of ACMOS® bioenergy techniques: restoring balance to the human body, nutrition and the environment, quantum physics, scientific acupuncture, optimized cell regeneration, etc. ACMOS® centers now exist in most major Western countries and in Russia, and you are regularly invited to speak at conferences in Asia, where your first experiences originated. For the importance of your discoveries and their applications in the field of health, the S.E.P. is honored to congratulate you and award you a Gold Medal. "


The ACMOS® method is the result of research carried out since 1975 by Dr. René NACCACHIAN, engineer, researcher in biophysics and bioenergetics, doctor in energetic medicine, science and molecular biology, and recipient of the prestigious French gold medal from the Society for the Encouragement of Progress.

It all began some twenty-five years ago, with an accident ...
As an engineer and French Foreign Trade Advisor, René NACCACHIAN traveled extensively. It was during one of his many trips that he suffered an accident that eventually immobilized one of his knees, a serious handicap for the avid tennis player he was at the time. During a trip to China, he consulted a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, who considerably improved the condition of his knee, enabling him to resume his tennis tournaments and reach the top of the rankings! A few years later, it was the turn of India and Ayurvedic Medicine to fascinate him to such an extent that he drew new elements of inspiration from them and elaborated the foundations of the ACMOS® Method of Test and global balance. These two millennia-old forms of medicine are based on indisputable qualities, and their historic results are astonishing today.


A little history ...
It was the Jesuits in these countries in the 16th century who noticed that the number of sick people relative to the population was 3 times greater in Western countries that practiced conventional medicine. Initially, René Naccachian brings together, studies and synthesizes all the work carried out on the subject by the most eminent researchers and specialists, based on documents brought back by the Jesuits in the 17th century and collected at the Bibliothèque Nationale, the great repository of the memory of Taoist philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The efficacy of each point is then verified, along with the set of points deemed to treat a given disturbance. Certain therapies are discarded if, when applied within the framework of the ACMOS® Method to Western subjects or subjects living in the West, they do not produce the results claimed.
Studies and research were then undertaken, based on the latest scientific knowledge, to understand the mechanism and action of energy stimulation by acupuncture needles, with the aim of replacing them with non-invasive, non-traumatizing procedures. After ten years' work, devices emitting specific vibratory impulses of very short duration, and perfectly reproducing energy regulation phenomena, were designed. The ACMOS® Method was born. The year was 1986!



Every cell in our body vibrates at precise frequencies and exchanges information through the communication of these frequencies. This is a principle of Oriental medicine, in particular acupuncture, in which energy (qi - pronounced chi) flows through and around your body along paths called meridians. With the ACMOS® Method, rather than needles, a practitioner is able to use highly specialized scientific bioresonance techniques and instruments to detect and correct bioenergetic imbalances in the body with precision.

Like an antenna, our body resonates with the frequencies that surround it. These frequencies can either enhance our vitality or weaken us. The aim is to maintain our vital energy, find and relieve blockages in our meridians, protect our body against negative influences and optimize cellular regeneration capacities.
The ACMOS® Method is capable of accurately detecting disturbances in the body's energetic system.

In the event of anomaly, tension or aggression, the body seeks to re-establish its balance, by managing the circulation of its "circuits" or meridians, by blocking, diverting, slowing or accelerating energy currents. Its defensive action takes place mainly at acupuncture points. When a disorder takes hold, it is the areas of least resistance, such as acupuncture points and weak regions of the body, which give way one after the other (like fuses in an electrical circuit). The result is energy imbalances at every level, function and organ, which can become pathological if the overall balance is not restored. While it is important not to interfere with the fuses that the body intentionally activates and deactivates to manage its balance and maintain the symmetry of its energy fields, it is necessary to restore the function of those fuses that the body is no longer able to manage on its own: this is where the usefulness and importance of the ACMOS® Method becomes apparent.

The rigorous protocols developed in ACMOS® energy balance sessions use a number of sophisticated instruments and devices, as well as a range of specific essential oils, herbs and homeopathies to release blockages in the body's bioenergetic system.

The ACMOS® Method is based on the measurement and analysis of the various electromagnetic fields and energy circuits in the human body. This measurement provides precise information on the vitality of the body's cellular units. It enables us to identify, at different levels of the organism, disturbances that correspond to simple energetic disorders, or that are already involved in lesions.


"The aim of the ACMOS® Method is to re-establish the body's energetic qualities and restore its own capacity for self-organization and adaptation, so that energy balance can be achieved". 

These innate capacities refer to the concept of homeostasis, i.e. our body's ability to conserve itself and maintain a state of equilibrium in the face of change. The human organism is criss-crossed by energy circuits that energize the vitality of organs, functions and different regions of the body.  To cope with all the factors in our lives, both internal and external, such as emotions, social, professional and environmental tensions, etc., the human being constantly organizes himself by activating and deactivating a whole network of circuits and fuses, which are the meridians and acupuncture points of the human body.

The ACMOS® method uses scientific means of measuring and regulating this energy, together with its own technique, to achieve a global energetic balance between man and his environment. In the case of optimal health, when faced with aggression, the body deactivates certain fuses and restores them as soon as it returns to its normal state. However, if there is an accumulation of internal and external problems, the body is overwhelmed and loses its bearings to defend its weak areas. The body loses many of its bearings due to the energetic imbalance in the environment, and therefore cannot organize itself normally.

The ACMOS® method identifies its lack of centripetal energy resources and its inability to manage centrifugal energy. Initially, the ACMOS® protocol will help the body to re-establish missing harmonies in energy circulation, reactivate blocked control points, and finally identify and neutralize aggressions to ensure overall balance.

The ACMOS® method is essentially designed to maintain balance in a preventive way, so as to better resist disease and aggression of all kinds. Restoring the body's ability to manage itself is achieved through global bioenergetic balance. The ACMOS® Method ensures coherence and compatibility between man in his body and mind, in his medication (e.g. nutritional supplements), in his nutrition and in his environment.
The aim of the ACMOS® Method is to enable the body to regain control of its energy circuits and re-establish sufficient harmony, so that it regains its extraordinary capacity for self-management, self-repair and self-recovery, right from the very first assessment.

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