To restore the body's energetic balance and all its innate self-management capacities

Energy care to boost your health...

The ACMOS® Method is an approach designed to progressively reinforce the body's ability to maintain its own energy balance in the face of chronic or occasional aggressions. The Method helps us to identify the underlying energy blockages that are often responsible for our physical, emotional or mental disorders (fatigue, pain, illness, stress, etc.). Give this gentle, innovative, non-invasive and preventive technique a try, suitable for all ages. Rediscover harmony, vitality, sleep and well-being... without pain, manual manipulation of the body or side effects!

How an ACMOS® energy balance session works?

Each ACMOS® energy balance session (or ACMOS® Assessment) with Christophe is personalized and lasts 50 minutes. No manipulation of any kind or use of needles is practiced during the assessment, which is carried out with respect for the client. An ACMOS® bioenergetics assessment takes place in four major stages:

1) Measurements of the client's bio-fields and state of energy circulation, using measuring devices such as the Lecher Antenna and the Bio-Feedback Tester to detect weaknesses in the body's energetic, organic and mental systems. 
2) Harmonization by questioning the body to determine which of the 300 or so harmonies in the ACMOS® valise will be beneficial in correcting all the body's imbalances and disharmonies. This step reveals the origin of the disorders and the energetic means of resolving them. 
3) Stimulation to restore the body's natural energy controls, ensuring better use of its resources and better management of its vitality. 
4) Chromoregulation to reinforce the body's natural elimination systems and strengthen its defenses.


The benefits of ACMOS® energy balance sessions 
Eliminating energetic blockages enables vital energy to reach previously blocked organs, regions and functions, thus restoring their vitality. 
This restoration implies the evacuation of toxic blockages.
Depending on the extent of the release, some fatigue and superficial reactions may be felt, especially if the blockage has been in place for a long time. 
Deep-seated problems can only be evacuated via the surface, and any visible external signs of elimination confirm that the underlying problem is in the process of being regulated. 

Preparing for an ACMOS® energy balance session
Please bring any food supplements or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect that you have taken or applied, such as vitamins, herbal teas, hormones, cosmetics, etc... Please bring the results of recent laboratory tests and other check-ups. 
Please also bring with you the objects and accessories you usually wear: watch, rings, glasses, etc...


Who is the ACMOS® Method for?

First and foremost, the ACMOS® Method is for anyone wishing to maintain their balance, as a preventive measure, to better resist illness and aggression of all kinds.
Secondly, it is aimed at all those who suffer from physical, physiological or psychological disorders that cannot be durably restored by symptomatic means.
To get lasting and effective benefits from this method, we recommend regular sessions: every 1 to 1.5 months, then once a quarter, at each seasonal change, to ensure that the energy balance is maintained.

Framework for ACMOS® by OPS energy balance sessions: 

Format: Face-to-face at the office (Salon de Provence, south of France), or remotely via Zoom 

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: 110 USD


To book your session, please proceed to payment in advance by filling in the form below. Once your payment has been validated, you can contact Laurie Claret, who coordinates all appointments: [email protected]. Please do not hesitate to specify any time constraints you may have, and Laurie will do her best to accommodate them. 
Please note that our practice and OPS offices are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

PS: Any session cancelled less than 48 hours in advance is non-refundable.



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