"This is the first time that I have an e-learning course, and I must say that I am not disappointed, I have the impression to have attended the course in live and even the impression to know well the trainer and students ... The course is very well given ... I have nothing to say, clear, clean and precise".  Minira C.


"Thank you Christophe. It's very clear and it allows me to sort through everything I've read before. I really appreciate this online training : it is complete, alive and allows me to organize my time as I want it and as I can. Word of pedagogue!".  Carole W.

« For years I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and depression due to many factors. I was treated by many Doctors using prescribed medicines to no avail, and the situation continued with minor periods of relief. I saw a demonstration of Carol's ACMOS therapy, and took part in a demonstration treatment there and then.  I was totally amazed because the ACMOS treatment had an immediate and beneficial effect on  my anxiety and so I booked a follow up appointment??. ACMOS treatment has revolutionised my life! It has resulted in the previous anxiety and resultant depression being healed and I now have a much more balanced and harmonised life where I am able to manage everyday problems in a much healthier condition. I thoroughly recommend ACMOS treatment to anyone looking for a healthier and balanced life. »


« I first met Carol earlier this year having seen the change (for the better) in a good friend after seeing Carol. I have bipolar disorder and take daily medication for this. After one appointment with Carol my doctor has reduced my dosage which I am delighted about having worried about the side effects of taking long term medication. Carol also helped me with a muscle injury which doctors could not help so there is the added bonus of Carol being a chartered physiotherapist. The ACMOS treatmnent is a fantastic natural method of keeping my life balanced, calm and energised. The information Carol gives me is spot on and I would recommend anyone reading this website to give it a try. »

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